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The Neuropathy Journal a Neuropathy Support Network PublicationCreated by the Neuropathy Support Network, the Neuropathy Journal is written for patients suffering from neuropathy and their caretakers; by neuropathy patients who share their first-hand experiences in living with this often misunderstood affliction. The journal’s purpose is to advance the understanding of neuropathy in layman’s terms. The information provided is intended to be educational and informative and not medically prescriptive or diagnostic. All patients are encouraged to consult with their own medical doctor when considering any of the information contained within.

The Neuropathy Support Network’s mission is to support everyone involved with neuropathy.  This includes patients, professionals, support group leaders, liaisons, neuropathy organizations and everyone involved in this battle for knowledge and treatment.

The heart of the Neuropathy Support Network Mission is patient directed support, providing information and educational materials for the neuropathy patient and medical professionals.  Neuropathy knowledge empowers you in your journey seeking both treatment and a meaningful diagnosis.

Empowerment and affirmation provides new meaning for your life with chronic illness.  Discovery of new ideas leads to a meaningful focus of ways to help other neuropathy patients.  You will discover how to use good questions from your knowledge and experience.  How this empowers you to teach medical professionals about Neuropathy.

The most powerful voice in our battle with and on behalf of Neuropathy is the voice of you, the neuropathy patient.  Yet patients are too often dismissed by even neuropathy organizations as not qualified to speak out!  Why?  While only medical professionals can diagnose and prescribe, anyone can provide information and education about neuropathy and their experience.  This journal will lead you in discovering the exciting journey toward the three ways to win the war against neuropathy by engaging you, other patients and medical professionals.

The battlefield seems large and overwhelming especially when chronically ill.   The battle is not always easy and it is one that we have been given, not chosen.  The mission is clear and our values must be clearer or we will fail the mission.   For decades it has never ceased to amaze, as to the many forces seeking to silence or discount your voice.  Don’t let anyone silence your voice.

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