1. I really liked your article. very much helped me and other friends, I have bookmark your website, and I hope to return again to read the latest info from you. TQ

    1. Issac: This really makes all the work worthwhile and encourages us to even do more. Really hope that we can provide even more information to the site that will help patients and even help doctors help them with their neuropathy. With caring regards – Col Gene

  2. Lynda McIntosh the Leader of the CT Neuropathy Support Group sent this Email sharing what they did to celebrate National Neuropathy week:

    “For National Neuropathy Week, I passed out The Neuropathy Association brochures, our CT NEUROPATHY SUPPORT GROUP brochures, and brochures on Peripheral Neuropathy that I ordered from N.I.H. to the members and asked them to help me saturate downtown with them. Doctor’s Offices (especially Neurologists), Assisted Living places, libraries, etc.”

    Lynda continues:
    “I also wrote a letter to the editor about people suffering with PN do not have to go it alone, and I got 13 responses so far!”

    Lynda also asked if she could get more copies of the DVD to give out and how much it would cost. I asked her how many she wanted and that they were free! So if anyone out there wants a bulk order just send a note on how many you want!

    Just think what could happen if every support group leader did similar programs throughout the year!

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