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Your Voice Counts

YOUR VOICE MATTERS – We have had an overwhelming response to our neuropathic pain survey, but we need more. If you haven’t already, please take our survey and help us prepare for the FDA meeting on Neuropathic Pain. Your answers can have a real affect on how the FDA treats neuropathy. Help us express just how urgent the need is for effective treatments. Share Your Story by clicking here

Stayed tuned, we will share results from our Neuropathic Pain Survey in an upcoming article.

About the Author

David Morrow

David Morrow is a Colon and Prostate Cancer survivor, for which he received both chemotherapy and radiation treatments. As a result of the chemotherapy he developed Peripheral Neuropathy. It was during his chemotherapy infusions that he met Col Eugene Richardson, while he received his IVIG infusions to help control his Chronic Neuropathy resulting from exposure to Agent Orange during his service in Viet Nam. They became fast friends who both shared a desire to help others. As a result the Neuropathy Support Network was born.

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