1. Andrew: To order the DVD by Matt Hansen, click on this link and submit your order. Exercise for Neuropathy DVD
      http://neuropathyjournal.org/exercise-for-neuropathy-dvd/ In the article there is a link to Matt’s website where you can order a copy. I think the cost is under $20. If in the event you do not have any money to purchase a copy, just send an E mail to gene@neuropathysupportnetwork.org and we will send you a copy as I think I have some extra copies.

      1. I have been research all information I could on neuropathy as have been experiencing tingling, numbness of left hand off/on for weeks – especially at night, but last night awoke several times with extreme tingling of left hand, palm, fingers, wrist – very painful. Used Emu cream to ease the pain – to no avail and finally tried small ice packs which keep in freezer. Just came across your DVD for exercises which sound very helpful – but can’t afford as live on limited soc. security. If you have any copies left would sincerely appreciate one. I hope you are much better and thank you for your service.

        1. Mary: I will check and see but be patient I am behind two weeks in helping people and get very tired myself from CIDP.

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