Endorsements and Testimonials for DVD and Website


Clifford who is a contributing member … writes in June 2015:  Love the new website look!!  Thanks so much for the inspiration to help us deal with this disease, …. it is a great cause to fight for…. you have me for LIFE!  Cliff

Lisa on Facebook writes in 2015:  I am so glad to see the new Facebook page. This website and Colonel Gene, were the answer to my prayers. It was important for me to learn as much, about what, how and why, all these crazy things were happening. I watched his DVD with my family, helped tremendously, and I refer newbies to all of the books referenced on this site. I am so excited to read the journal. Page looks great, lucky us! Lisa

Christine from New York 2014 writes: “Thank You very much for the DVD. Your website is so important to those of us who are afflicted with Peripheral Neuropathy.”

Sartaj from Kulgam, India 2014 writes: “Thanks for this GREAT work!”

Gordon from Australia 2014 writes: I have just viewed your DVD and found it quite inspirational. I thank your network for the copy.  Our thinking is very similar; humor and irony are probably fortunate pre- requisites for this disease. A  quote from Toulouse Lautrec the French 19th century painter who at 4’6″ tall was quoted as saying “being short is not a disadvantage, you get to smell the blossoming flowers first and you are the last to get wet when it rains” it’s all perspective, basically, you have it, what are you going to do with it? I think that aligns with your lemons and lemonade philosophy. Gene thank you and your Network for your ongoing assistance I can only imagine the ray of light it offers to other sufferers. So get on your sled and go! Live well!

From Jan; Australia July 2013: As I sit here with tears streaming down my face…I am just so grateful that I have discovered your website! It’s like I’m actually reading all about me. I suffer from chronic chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy following treatment for breast cancer in 2009. What started as unexplained burning pain in my right forearm, then left ankle slowly increased and has now spread to both my legs from toes up to my lower back, and both arms from fingers to shoulders. It’s been tough finding doctors with any knowledge and/or understanding of CIPN – with one Doctor telling me the reason for my debilitating leg pain was because I was too fat – if I just lost weight the pain would go away! I honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the effort and information that goes into this site…you have definitely made a HUGE difference in my life – just by being able to identify my symptoms/feelings, therefore giving me a ‘voice’ to utilize when speaking with my treating medical professionals…you are all angels!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart….you honestly cannot imagine how much it means to me to finally discover a site that describes all my symptoms and feelings in one place – and will now help me to at least put into words to my treating doctors how/what I am feeling! Thanks also for your help in (providing the documents you sent) for me…have a fabulous day!

Anne from CA: I thank you for the effort, love and patience it took to put your information on a DVD ~ not only for me, but so many others with PN. … Again, I thank you so much for the beauty and depth of the presentation. May God bless you for your gift of compassion.

Iris from Virginia 7/2012: I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending me your DVD on “Coping with Chronic Neuropathy”. I can’t even begin to explain what it means to me to know there are others out there who share the same symptoms. I have gone through the same pain, anger, self-pity, etc., and truly understand what we are going through. … I will cherish this CD forever and share with my family and any close friends who will take the time to watch it. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to really explain your experience of years of going to doctors prior to your diagnosis. You can be sure a lot of us are shaking our heads in agreement. You so eloquently put into words what others of us are going through and help the community and others understand just what it is like to live with this terribly , painful illness. You have given me hope, encouragement and renewed inspiration…. Thank you so much for the resources you have suggested, I can’t wait to get the books. Thank you for your direct and caring way of explaining PN. I sat there nodding in agreement with everything you described. Thank you for your beautiful poem and telling us about your precious dogs and family and grandchildren. You have truly made a difference in my life. Only ones who suffer from neuropathy or other chronic illness, can truly understand the pain you speak about that we live with daily….So much of your DVD rang a bell with me…..Your story gives us all hope and inspiration. Thank you again for helping me find more ways to cope and sharing your story to help others. I admire you so much and thank you for “listening” to my story.

Teaching Neurologist, Director of the Neuropathy Center, Columbia University, NYC: “A story (DVD) of hope and courage as told from the perspective of the real world of the Neuropathy Patient.” Thomas H. Brannagan III, MD FAAN

Teaching Neurologist and Director of the Neuropathy Center, SHANDS, University of Florida at Jacksonville, FL: “For 4 decades Gene has struggled with the challenges and relentless symptoms of neuropathy, and now as a professional counselor and teacher he proactively shares his insights both as a professional and patient.” Alan R. Berger, MD FAAN

Rev. Larry K. Loree Sr., US Army, 68th Med Group, combat medic, Vietnam Vet 1966-67 writes:
“Several years ago I communicated with you by email, then again about one year ago after you set up this very enlightening website. My purpose for communicating with you now, is two-fold: To thank you for giving myself and many other Vietnam Vets with PN (and no diabetes) hope in dealing with the VA through the claim process. I filed my claim for AO connected PN in November 2010 and was recently informed by the VA that my PN disability claim was granted. When I recently received the new rating, I immediately thought of you and the encouragement you have given me and other AO affected Vets. I am writing this to thank you for blazing a trail with your own PN issues and to inspire my brother Vets who are afflicted with PN without diabetes. Out of more than one hundred VN Vets that I have quizzed, more than 70% reported symptoms of PN after I explained the condition. Most have never sought treatment, because they didn’t understand that it is likely caused by exposure to AO. In every instance I have encouraged them to be tested and I refer them to your website for more insights.”

MEMORIAL DAY 2012 from Mike Scherer who writes, “I placed my flag in its holder on the exterior of my house today for all to view my symbol of loyalty to my country and those who have protected it. I paid a silent tribute to my father and all of his brothers for their commitment in World War II. I have added you to my personal list of true Americans and pay special tribute to you and to those loyal friends that paid the ultimate price for their families and country and freedom. Your words of help and understanding have provided the “wind beneath my wings” in coping with neuropathy.”

Bonnie RN from NY: After dealing with healthcare professionals treating me like I was a nut job from outer space for the last 20 years, I finally found out I was an ordinary human being with an unfortunate chronic problem of neuropathy after reading your articles. I am a retired Army Officer, like you, and was forced to retire after developing many neuropathy-related problems. I am a registered nurse…because of your articles I am finally able to explain my symptoms…. Thank you so much and continue to reach out-you helped more than you know.

ROBIN FROM NYC: I just played the Neuropathy tape and I was soooo moved. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting your soul into “our fight”. I had the tape for a few days and did not play it as I felt what can I possibly learn? ….. I am so moved and cried so many tears watching the tape. What can I say that would convey how deeply moved I am by your spirit and drive to still kick butt!!!! It’s amazing and now I do not feel alone….After losing my little (doggie) Blossom unexpectedly 8 weeks ago it’s so hard. I took her for her teeth cleaning and the vet said she had advanced lymphoma. So she is now with Bear for sure. I loved when you spoke about how Bear loved the breeze on his face… Blossom did too…… so you’re so right it’s about finding those little joys once again. I live by Central Park and sometimes it’s hard to walk the three blocks. I do go sometimes, but without my beloved Blossom I am somewhat disconnected…. I am waiting for another little one soon (i only deal with the Humane Society). I truly do NOT feel alone anymore with this illness after seeing your tape. Yippee and thanks soooooo much Gene!!!!!!! When I see (Dr.) Norman (Latov) in the neighborhood I will tell him how much your tape meant to me. My doctor is Jonathan Charney at Mount Sinai. I hope Gene that you’re well today. Being in the moment is the best we can do. Minute by minute is my life right now. So I send you lots of hugs from NYC and thanks soooooooo much for lifting my spirit on a dark day. Best – your NYC friend. Robin

PATIENT IN ENGLAND: I am Stephanie a 25 year old mother of two from England and like you and millions of others I have peripheral Neuropathy. In the year since I was diagnosed I had to re-learn to walk, stand and even shower/dress myself again. While I should have been helping my daughter make her first milestones, instead I had to watch from the sidelines as my husband and our best friend did everything my children needed. But thanks to people like you who refuse to give up I have learned how to adapt, how to do things like learning how to carry my daughter up and down the stairs. So from the very bottom of my heart and on behalf of my family to you, who has suffered as much if not more than I have THANK YOU? I`m slightly at a loss of what to say but I felt I had to email you (less than 10 minutes after finishing your DVD) and to let you know that even from as far away as Devon England, you are helping and reaching people like myself who really don’t know who to turn to with questions. Wishing you many positive blessings as I can send and many thanks. Stephanie

Support Group Leader: When I showed it for the support group you could have heard a pin drop, the quietest I have ever had and then we replayed it again. If you could send me a few more we would like our shut-ins to also see it. Thank you so much for your work, Shirley Greater Cincinnati Neuropathy Support group Jan 2012.

Neuropathy Patient: While watching your DVD, “I cried from about the middle of the DVD to the end…as in 1986 I was diagnosed with GBS…and the neurologist said I would get better. But I did not get better and then one neurologist said, “All the symptoms ARE NOT from the disease!” In April 2011 I was finally diagnosed with PN and am now very disabled without a clear understanding of my problem. When my legs would not move or collapsed under me and I was so exhausted in the afternoons I had to sleep several hours, I called my illness, “My what’s it’s” is at it again. When I walked out to the mail box and could not walk back, I laughed as laugher does help as so does my rescue Boxer who tries to understand! Please know that you have really helped this lady. With gratitude, Carole Oct 2011.

Support Group Leader, Calgary, Canada: You will be most delighted when I tell you that the Calgary Neuropathy Association has your DVD and last month we began to study it as a group, chapter by chapter. We first watch a chapter and then we all go and get a cup of coffee and break into small groups to discuss that particular topic. Roxanne Nordlund

Practicing Clinical Neurologist; Medical Advisor to the NSN and Volunteer Assistant Professor of Neurology at University of Miami, FL: “When it comes to dealing with Neuropathy having the right support is critical and this DVD is the right place to start.”  Waden Emery III, MD FAAN, Lighthouse Point, FL

Psychiatrist and Author, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: “I highly recommend the DVD and website to patients and professionals alike. As a member of the neuropathy community I really appreciate Gene’s courageous effective efforts to educate others. The new website is really terrific! I think this DVD and website will become major resource in the field of neuropathy.” Scott Berman, MD, Psychiatrist, CIDP Patient, Author of Coping with Peripheral Neuropathy: How to Handle Stress, Disability, Anxiety, Fatigue, Depression, Pain and Relationships.

Teaching Psychologist and Neuromuscular Disease Editor for Bella Review: “I highly recommend Coping with Chronic Neuropathy….to peripheral neuropathy patients and their families as well as for medical care providers. In the DVD Coping with Chronic Neuropathy: Tips and Techniques for Living with Neuropathy, Mr. Richardson ….well fulfills the promise of this DVD title. He brings an uncommon understanding of neuropathy from his perspective as a long-term neuropathy patient, professional counselor and patient advocate. He also displays humor and hope while covering this difficult topic.” Jori Reijonen PhD, (University of Phoenix and CMT Support Group Leader.)

Doctor of Physical Therapy and writer: – “I just finished viewing the “Coping with Neuropathy” video and really enjoyed it. How inspirational!! I found the example of your dog Bear to be especially touching. It’s amazing how God uses all of his creations to teach us, and to give us strength and joy for the day. I’m sure that you were just as comforting and inspirational to Bear.” Matthew Hansen, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Washington

Physical Therapist, India: “You have helped me help my neuropathy patient and I shall always be very grateful for all the suggestions and information you shared.” N.P.

Physical Therapist, Ft Lauderdale, FL : “Very impressive and full of valuable information…it is my honor to be associated with and to know you…you have been a valuable resource for me in my lifelong learning and professional enhancement.” Karen S, PT, BScPT

Medical Doctor, Fort Lauderdale, Florida: “Your work is inspiring and I’ve enclosed a donation in honor of your outstanding contributions to understanding neuropathy.” Gregory L. Perez, M.D. Diplomat American Board of Dermatology, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Medical Doctor, Dickinson, Texas: “I send you my warmest, highly respectful, personal regards…for your work helping neuropathy patients including veterans who suffer without help and as a forever brother with whom I served during the Tet Offensive (1968) in Vietnam.” Phillip L. Poffenbarger, MD, FACP, Vietnam Veteran 68-69

Founding President, The Neuropathy Action Foundation, Scottsdale, AZ: “You genuinely brought us all to tears while providing an amazing amount of hope and inspiration and now what a great gift in the form of the DVD production and website!” Dominick V. Spatafora, Founder and President of The Neuropathy Action Foundation, Scottsdale, AZ.

President, Western Neuropathy Association: “Thanks, Gene. We will definitely mention the website and DVD at our California conference and in the next Pacific Chapter newsletter. However, I’m also going to forward your e-mail from yesterday to our group leaders AS your letter was inspirational and challenging. Wish you were close, too, but you are doing a great job there. If we can get some people inspired to reach out across the country, a major impact could be made”. Bev Anderson, EdM

Neurology Nurse, Jacksonville, Florida: “I hope you have recovered from your admirable presentation this past Saturday…for your very outstanding and appreciated efforts (as) we received very nice compliments pertaining to yourself as well as the event….thank you again for your wonderful efforts.” Karen S. Perrin, RN SHANDS, Jacksonville

Oncology Nurse and Professor, University of South Florida, Tampa: “This website and DVD are fantastic! Let me know if I can be of any assistance.” Cindy Tofthagen, PhD, ARNP Tampa Support Group, Tampa, Florida

Nurse and Support Group Leader in Gorton, CN: “What a great job was done by all of you involved in the birth of this website!! I am going to peruse the site all day today, like an excited child looking for the prize (which this site is!) I am truly grateful as a Patient, Support Group Leader, Nurse and concerned citizen, for the wonderful effort and the unbelievable work put into this, and I promise to “make you proud” by using the site well toward the patient needs, to help, to assist and to educate all who come to the site to be informed. I will add as much as I can to the site, and offer outright, any assistance I may.” Linda McIntosh RN

Professional Writer, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida: “In your live presentation in Jacksonville, your knowledge, insight, and compassion impressed the audience and I have heard many people say they were so glad to be, as one person put it, ‘in the presence of such a brilliant man.’ Now we are fortunate to have the DVD, a beautiful production, professionally done, balanced and loaded with great information for patients and medical experts and the DVD thankfully it is done from the mind and heart.” Mims Cushing, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, Author of You Can Cope with Peripheral Neuropathy: 365 Ideas

Support Group Leader, Greater Kansas City, Kansas: “You received a resounding applause at our meeting today! Whatever time and money that went into this project was worth more than the cost. I’m sure you have seen the ads on TV that end with ‘priceless!’, well, so is your DVD to the neuropathy community. There were many times that tears swelled up into my eyes. I felt your frustration and pain as you spent all those years trying to discover what was going on with your health. One of our members suggested presenting this DVD in another meeting later this year so that more people can see it. She is ready to watch it again. I just had to let you know what a success you and the group who produced this DVD have accomplished. I feel as though I know you now. I am also pleased and proud to have presented your story to my group. It will be interesting to hear their comments about it at the next meeting. May God continue to bless you and your family!  In Christian love.” Shirley Lynn

Retired State Police Officer, Oregon: “I admire your faith and tenacity……I respect and admire people like you that are on a mission for Him. If we had more people like you there would be much less suffering in this world…not to mention you giving our younger generation an example of what honor, duty, and being of service to others really means….and lastly, I believe most (but not all) people are given a talent or gift by Him in completing a mission. In doing good, good people cross paths, which renews one’s faith in Him and gives strength to “keep charging’” on. In completing your mission, only He knows how many people and lives you have touched for the better…i.e. like me. Thank you for all you do for others…and for your many years of service to our country, not only in a military role… but a humanitarian one. God gave you an extraordinary gift and talent for your missions. I have no doubt He will richly reward you. In respect and admiration, Bob Dent, Oregon State Police (Ret.)“Heroism overwhelms the instinct for self-survival.”

Support Group Leader, Portland, Oregon: “The DVD arrived. You are wonderful. Your work on behalf of all the rest of us is inspiring (and) it is very good to have your web site and I am passing the information to our small group. One of us has been feeling suicidal and I think the knowledge of all the rest of us having our troubles is, as you know, helping her immeasurably. I have added your web site for patients and I’ve found it very good and very helpful.” Terry Thompson

Support Group Leader, Erie, PA: “Gene….What a fabulous job you have done. I finally had a chance to read everything (on the web site) and I was extremely pleased. I’m looking forward to sharing this with my group on Wednesday. Thanks a million. You have given me encouragement to keep talking and learning about this disease.” Louise

Support Group Leader, Tea Tree Gully, South Australia: “Thank you for your speedy response and for the three books, the DVD and what a great website! We are sharing the volumes of helpful information with many in our groups. I am re-reading Scott Berman’s book!” Beth

Regional Support Group Leader, San Francisco, CA: “ I just wanted to congratulate Gene on the launch of his organization, DVD & website. I will refer patients’ and others in my support groups to your website. Thanks,” Stan Pashote, South Bay Regional Coordinator

CMT Community Support Group Leader, California: Joni (CMT Leader at University of Phoenix and a Patient Advisor), thank you for the information on the Neuropathy DVD. I used it today at my Southern California meeting and everyone loved it!!! Thanks for sharing.” Dottie Zagar, Facilitator for S California CMT Support Group

Support Group Leader, New York City: “Just had a chance to review the website. EXCELLENT! Easy to navigate and informative …. I will be checking it out more often and have already told my group about it and will at every meeting. If there is anything else I can do to help, please feel free to contact me “ Steve

Support Group Leader, Tidewater, Virginia: “The website is very easy to use and has good stuff on it, especially the resources and videos.” Bob, PhD

Support Group Leader, Walnut Creek, CA “Our (SUPPORT) group really liked the (DVD) presentation. I tried to cut it off at one point but they urged me to continue, so I did. One woman even called to thank me! ” Kay V. Lanway

Neuropathy Patient, United Kingdom: “Please send us the DVD. I spoke to others who have been helped and would really love to have a copy, please!” MT

Neuropathy Patient: Just want to say how wonderful your “Coping” DVD is. You are amazing and such an inspiration. Thank you for your optimism and support. God bless you and all the other volunteers. And thank you for your service to our country, as we celebrate this 4th of July! Joyce

Neuropathy Patient and Nun: “Thank you for sending the DVD so soon. I watched the whole thing already. It is so well done. You have an amazing story and thank God you got the medicine you did! Now you are helping so many people. It is wonderful how you have come back to life and used your gifts in the service of others.” Thanks again, Sr. Roberta

Neuropathy Patient : “What a trove! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing a treasure brimming with relevant background and medical information.” Marlyne Marzi Kaplan, Aventura, FL

Neuropathy Patient: “I have learned more in ten minutes speaking with you than all the time spent with anyone else when it comes to the challenges of Peripheral Neuropathy”. Robert E – Georgia

Neuropathy Patient: “By far the most informative session of its type I have ever attended and speakers like Gene, hit on all spots and he more than satisfied all future questions from the audience…most encouraging (presentation)…” Charlie – Jacksonville FL

Neuropathy Patient: “Eugene, you are amazing AWESOME, informative and most important uplifting. Count on me for spreading the word on PN.” I.D. , Ponte Verde Beach, FL

Neuropathy Patient: “I just wanted to thank you for the great answer to my questions and the information…you helped me a lot this week…and I no longer feel alone in this illness.” Rosanna

Neuropathy Patient: “Thank you for your informative and commendable presentation to the residents here are Lake Port Square. Thanks a million”. Tom, PhD , Leesburg FL

Neuropathy Patient, Mexico: “Please, can you send one of the DVD’s we read about to us in Mexico?” PW

Neuropathy Patient, Canada: “The DVD has arrived and wow what a great gift to neuropathy patients who have had very little help or encouragement.” TC

Neuropathy Patient: “God bless you for this website and DVD!!!!!!!!!!” Ruth , Concord, CN

Neuropathy Patient, Romania: “Please can you help with information on CMT? Would love to have a copy of the DVD you produced.” W

Neuropathy Patient, New Zealand: “Oh what a helpful blessing to have this DVD, as my hope and determination have just gone off the charts…straight up! Thanks millions.” T.M.

Support Group Leader, Leesburg, FL: “Your speech was more than uplifting…you gave us a reason not to complain but to carry on with a smile..” Dorothy S

Vietnam Veteran: “You have done a great job and your experiences from Vietnam…the struggles with the effects of the toxic carcinogen Agent Orange are fully understood and your courage is appreciated ….keep up the great work spreading hope and awareness.” Charlie G,

WW2 Veteran: “Your DVD presentation on neuropathy was excellent. I really enjoyed the relaxed, personal touch with an occasional bit of humor. And it is very obvious that you join me in a deep love of our K-9 friends who are obviously placed on this earth to help us make it through the rough periods as well as the better times….Trying to follow the message in your DVD, I am extremely thankful for the many years that were enjoyed prior to the onset of this disease and will continue to work on the bright side of things as it progresses. I thank you very much for the inspiration, Gene, and wish you the very best in your future years. Adopting a replacement for Bear was, what I consider, another of the innumerable positive actions you have accomplished in this life. Keep smilin’.” Tom L

Neuropathy Patient with Small Fiber Neuropathy: i want to thank you so much for the DVD and information packet i received yesterday. I am going to watch the DVD this weekend but the stories were amazing. I am 39 years old and I got sick when i was 33. It took my doctors at a major hospital in Boston five years to diagnose my small fiber and autonomic neuropathy. They discovered I have Addison’s disease, non alcoholic hepatitis and all were autoimmune related. I have gone through hell, but I’m on the road to trying to manage my life for the good of myself, my family, and others. I will be sending a donation because like you, i need more research into the baffling disease’s I have. I was once thrown into the idiopathic neuropathy group, but I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I receive IVIg therapy every 4 weeks for five days and that has kept me working so far but it is to the point I can no longer do it anymore. I will be applying for disability after I train my replacement (I’m a parts manager at a Ford dealership) I have nothing left at the end of the day and I want to give more to my three children, so I have to make this difficult decision. As one door closes another door opens and there will be good days and bad, but I will get through them with the help of my wife, kids and people like you. Thank you so much! JF 2011

In Dec 2011 a Neuropathy patients writes: “The DVD was excellent. It was inspirational, validating, informative, and very touching. I laughed and I cried. I no longer feel crazy. My neuropathy symptoms and their erraticness now make sense to me. This DVD could apply to anyone with a chronic illness and in particular, for those who have more rare or misunderstood illnesses. I can’t thank you enough.” God Bless, With Great Appreciation,  Doreen Casey


The producers of the DVD after working with the seminar leader wrote the following on the insert to the DVD:

Eugene B. Richardson is not defined by his many titles, significant academic achievements or decades of experience. He is defined by his choice to use his knowledge and decades of experience coping, to help those suffering with Peripheral Neuropathy. He has never stopped asking; “Why” it took thirty-five years to get help for his neuropathy. Armed with the growing realization of poor public attitudes and a lack of awareness toward neuropathy, he realized that medicine did not have broadly accepted diagnostic criteria, sufficient clinical training, or tools needed for timely diagnosis, a situation made worse by limited treatment options. With courageous determination in the face of medical denials for four decades, he never stopped looking for answers and has brought together a team of nine professional volunteers, to produce this DVD to help neuropathy patients.  While encouraging more clinical training for doctors, he nerve stops reaching out to patients and professionals alike to make a difference. . As he would say, ”Please, seek answers for yourself, but then throw yourself into the fight to help others and support the search for more answers to the question, “Why?”

Why increase neuropathy research and training for medical professionals? “Are many forms of Peripheral Neuropathy rare or idiopathic or are they under diagnosed?  Informed medical professionals know that they are rare due to inadequate tools for diagnosis and lack of broadly accepted standards for diagnosis along with a horrible lack of knowledge at the clinical level. Many forms of this disease are under diagnosed and that alone make them rare!

The neuropathy epidemic and its cost to society demand that we provide more funds for neuropathy research along with addressing the need for greater clinical training in diagnosis, support and treatments for the neuropathy patient.”

Today, Col Gene as he is known, provides FREE copies of the DVD “Coping with Chronic Neuropathy” to anyone who requests one and operates a website to help neuropathy patients at the Neuropathy Support Network in a tireless effort to provide answers, insights, guidance and hope to neuropathy patients around the world.

NOTE: Copyright 2010-15 Network For Neuropathy Support, Inc. dba Neuropathy Support Network.. This article may be reprinted or published for educational purposes as long as the printing or publishing is not for profit and acknowledgement is granted the author. Contact him at E-mail: gene@neuropathysupportnetwork.org

PATIENT TO PATIENT – Disclaimer: Patient to Patient articles are intended to be educational, not diagnostic or prescriptive and the patient is encouraged to seek help from their own private physician.

About the Author

LtCol Eugene B Richardson, USA (Retired) BA, MDiv, EdM, MS

Col Richardson has suffered with severe neuropathy for over 45 years. A 27 year military veteran and veteran of the Vietnam War, he was diagnosed with a progressive chronic peripheral neuropathy resulting in severe disability. This diagnosis has been confirmed as due to exposure to Agent Orange. It was not until 2010, 42 years after his exposure to Agent Orange, that his diagnosis was recognized by Veterans Affairs as service connected.

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