Cancer Related Neuropathies

The most common of these is Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy. But, a cancer survivor may also develop neuropathy as a result of the cancer itself; surgery to remove the cancer; or as a result of radiation treatments. It is important for a cancer patient to work closely with their Oncologist and Surgeon to develop strategies to limit any neuropathies, as much as possible, that may result from cancer treatments. But despite all precautions, the reality is one third of all cancer survivors will develop Neuropathy.

Chemotherapy-Induced-Neuropathy-2Speaking as a survivor of two cancers, and having developed chemo induced neuropathy; above all, the most important thing you can do is always maintain a positive attitude. Maintaining a positive attitude makes it easier for you to make the best decisions possible to deal with your challenges at hand, and in general makes your life more enjoyable. It may sound corny, but I came out of my experiences with a much deeper appreciate for life and all that it has to offer.

The infographic below, from The Neuropathy Association, outlines what can cause Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy, the symptoms, and what you can do to better live with the results.

Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy

Cancer Related Neuropathies InfoGraphic – An infographic by the team at The Neuropathy Association created this great InfoGraphic, Please share it!

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David Morrow

David Morrow is a Colon and Prostate Cancer survivor, for which he received both chemotherapy and radiation treatments. As a result of the chemotherapy he developed Peripheral Neuropathy. It was during his chemotherapy infusions that he met Col Eugene Richardson, while he received his IVIG infusions to help control his Chronic Neuropathy resulting from exposure to Agent Orange during his service in Viet Nam. They became fast friends who both shared a desire to help others. As a result the Neuropathy Support Network was born.

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