1. I am a Support group Leader for Maryland and I thankyou for the Prayer we give 99.9% of ourselves and our time and enery and making phone calls to f/u w/ other members who are newely diagnosed w/ Neuropathy.and are scared because having this disease is no picnic for any of us who struggle just to do the simple things that others take forgranted everyday like putting on our shoes and socks every day so we can get dressed to go to a DR.s appointment only to here others say nwe look like a ? or say a nice thing about us or even help us across the street,they never have to use a cane,walker or to say the least a wheelchair .Would it kill you to give us a hug everynow and then?

    1. Patricia: If I could send you a hundred hugs via e mail I would do so. You folks are the bread of life to patients and all too often taken for granted. It was because of a patient leader in 1999 that I am here and able to help and who inspired all that I do. You never know when you touch a person so deeply that it changes their lives forever and unfortunately many times caring folks who are ill like you still manage to reach out yet often do not know how they have helped! So a thousand blessings to you.

    1. Jessica. They need all the encouragement they can get! It is not an easy thing that they do! God should bless all of them a hundred fold!

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