Sjogren’s syndrome

Dr. Latov discusses the scope of this rheumatological condition throughout the body and the testing that can be done to establish a diagnosis.

For information on Sjogren’s syndrome please refer to Dr. Norman Latov’s book (Peripheral Neuropathy: When the Numbness, Weakness, and Pain Won’t Stop by Norman Latov MD PhD FAAN )  especially pages 36-37 and page 38 for symptoms and its association with Autoimmune Sensory Neuronitis and Vasculitis.

Patients who have been diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome should consider a visit to a Board Certified Rheumatologist as part of their search for medical answers and help.

About the Author

LtCol Eugene B Richardson, USA (Retired) BA, MDiv, EdM, MS

Col Richardson has suffered with severe neuropathy for over 45 years. A 27 year military veteran and veteran of the Vietnam War, he was diagnosed with a progressive chronic peripheral neuropathy resulting in severe disability. This diagnosis has been confirmed as due to exposure to Agent Orange. It was not until 2010, 42 years after his exposure to Agent Orange, that his diagnosis was recognized by Veterans Affairs as service connected.

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