Top Twenty Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy | Neuropathy Symptoms

Each person’s experience varies depending on their type of Neuropathy, but in general following are the most common Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy: 1) Severe strange pains in your feet, legs, hands and other parts of the body; including “crawling insects” under your skin; 2) Balance is difficult when walking, getting […]

When Suffering from Neuropathic Pain Biofeedback May Be an Option

When suffering from Neuropathic Pain biofeedback may be a possible option. Patients who are considering opiates, which can turn out to be more of a problem than the disease – should read Andy Griffiths’ story (of TV fame) who notes the success of Biofeedback in his story (page 96ff) in the […]

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